Tuesday, April 1, 2014


So after six long but enjoyable years I finally decided to venture out into the brave new world. If they don't know don't tell em. You readers got the inside scoop. I have been told that you never leave a job until you have another one. I know I know. I had to do it. Crazy thoughts force crazy actions. Didn't like what I was becoming. Want to become something else. It was great for a while but it turned a little sour. Bitter I guess. Thank God for friends and advice and divine help. Were it not for many peoples prayers and interest and support I might not be around here today. So this is a message in a bottle for anyone. The ship has sailed and will find safe harbor through the storm. You won't survive a hurricane in port I think. You also can't steer a ship in the harbor. Now I am under way we'll see what comes our way. So far so good.

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